Stock & Sales Visibility in the channel


Every principle company wanted to track the sales & stock with their distributors with following objects

1. Based on the correct stock in the market principle company can do the efficient production planning.
2. Principle company can track in which town, which distributors is effective and which products is getting sold
3. Principle company can make the schemes or can do the marketing activities in week area’s
4. Principle company plan there raw materials based on the actual sales date not from date they sold to the dealer. If dealer selling the materials in one month from the date of billing then company can plan to do the production accordingly, which will decrease the working capital which mean company will have direct ROI coming.
5. In other words, SSV is backbone on the company to plan production & import, what is getting sold in market based on actual sales by the partners/Channel.
6. Currently companies are making yearly sales plans based on last year, quarter basic, which is not full proof way to making the plan.

Problems in capturing the data

1. Its required heavy investment in Infrastructure with recurring expenses in IT.
2. How we will enable/train to channel partners, especially in rural area’s
3. Channel partner in an area where internet connectivity is very poor.
4. Channel partner is not ready to put the entry on our portal, because he is distributors for multiple products, if he keep doing the entry for all the companies then his most the times goes in this and      he will not be able to the sales.
5. It is difficult for companies to enable partners, as they are in to multi states, where different sales tax rules and languages applies.
6. Currently companies are making yearly sales plans based on last year, quarter basic, which is not full proof way to making the plan.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. What is the solutions, as CEO of the company I wanted to know what is getting sold in the market where and when?

I simply cannot plan my home, until I know what my income is and what is my expenses and when?

Solutions Available now

The India’ first and only accounting & inventory software TALLY.

With 18000 partner network pan india Tally has come with the solutions to track the secondary sales & stock visibility (SSV).

In india about 85% companies in SMB segment are using Tally. With that ground and 18000 partner on board tally has reach in rural area’s, which ensures that if you partner is using the Tally then he is connected to one of the tally partner locally with local tax understanding and local language. If not we he connect in 4 hours.

Your channel partner will be keep doing the business for all the brands and will get your product data from his tally without disturbing his business operation.

So how this look to like.

I am sure that you will have multiple question in your mind so please call us for Demo or for more details

Team Punjabbulls